HÜ TÖMER, founded on the well established perception of education and experience of Hacettepe University in language research as well as on the vast experience of teachers, is the outcome of 28 years of experience.

shares the universal principles
adopts a scientific approach
uses contemporary methodology and techniques in language teaching
aims to teach Turkish in the most accurate way as the mother tongue
in the quickest and most accurate way as a foreign language

Besides, it is acknowledged that it is not enough to teach Turkish without providing the learners with the ability to use the language in the most effective way.  It is also maintained that the languages get more powerful through contacts with other languages. Thus, the efforts devoted to the fi eld are in accordance with these facts.

HÜ TÖMER offers language courses by highly competent academic staff qualified teaching programs a modern physical environment, and in a friendly teaching atmosphere. The certificates given at the end of the programs by Hacettepe University are recognized worldwide.

Turkish And Foreign Language Teaching, Research And Implementation Center
06800 Beytepe Ankara
+90 312 297 83 50 - 51